Warehousing & Marking

consolidation, cross-docking, EAC labeling, digital marking

We will storage your shipments and carry out all necessary operations at the central warehouse of RUSSIA the group of companies located in Austria at Talpagasse 8, A-1230 Wien, or at warehouses in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, China, Russia and other countries you are interested in.

Customs warehouse services are provided for shipments in transit and bonded cargo.

Logistics and Value-added Services within Delivery

Cargo handling, weighing, quantity and quality control of products, consolidation and deconsolidation
EAC labeling and digital marking, orders picking, packaging and repackaging, securing cargo in vehicles
Customs clearance, transport and commercial docflow, regulatory compliance for import or export shipments

Digital marking for export of goods to Russia

Labeling EAC and digital marking, order picking, packaging and repacking, cargo securing
All the necessary work in the software products of the National digital marking system at the stages of registration, product description, product entry into circulation and transfer of information about the movement of goods
Production and receipt of marking codes and implementation of digital marking before import of cargo to the territory of the Russian Federation
Loading and unloading operations, control of weight, quantity and quality of products, consolidation and de-consolidation
Customs clearance, preparation of transport and commercial documents, obtaining permits for import or export

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