Pharma Logistics

pharmaceutical and health care shipments with temperature requirements

For the transport of temperature-sensitive pharma shipments, we take trailers or dedicated containers with active or passive temperature control, certified by the appropriate authorities conforming to the latest requirements and recommendations in the countries of the shipper and consignee, the Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union in accordance with regulations of Good Distribution Practice. Because the great number of legal and  official regulations   as well as most extreme  climatic  conditions in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union, specialized transport solutions are needed to guarantee a safe and smooth transport of pharmaceuticals and ensure high product availability in  the supply chain.

We take care of your temperature-sensitive cargo

Full load trucks with pharmaceuticals within Russia, to the Eurasian Economic Union and other ex-USSR countries in Central Asia and Caucasus
Double-deck trailers (66 pallets) with calibrated temperature in compliance with GDP guideline (Good Distribution Practice)
Online temperature monitoring and tracking & tracing
Pharma export transport from Russia by road, air and sea
Dedicated active and passive containers and packaging with back up logger inside for pharma temperature-sensitive shipments
Mini-trucks with temperature control conforming to GDP guideline (Good Distribution Practice) for express deliveries of medical products and pharmaceuticals

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