Small and groupage shipments to and from Russia

Groupage shipments by truck LTL export-import, groupage shipment by sea and rail container LCL export-import, small shipments in mini-trucks, air & express delivery, digital marking, courier and hand-carry service

Our 8 best industry practice for delivery of groupage or small shipments

groupage shipments to Russia
Groupage shipments LTL, export, import, within Russia by road

groupage shipments
Groupage shipments LCL export and import by sea

Groupage shipments LCL export and import by rail

groupage shipments
Groupage shipments export and import intermodal

small shipments
Air shipments for export and for import

groupage shipments
Transport in mini-trucks, export, import and domestic in Russia

Product samples and express delivery

Courier and hand-carry service

What sort of services are necessary for export and import merchants – 5 delivery options of groupage and small shipments

groupage shipments

Transport of small shipments from China to Russia in groupage containers LCL by rail, sea, on sea+rail and per air. Export shipments of small shipments to China in groupae containers LCL and per air. Export-import delivery to China or from China in diverse containers FCL.

Sea freight in groupage sea containers LCL via seaport in Russia, Baltics and Europe. Wide rage on sea containers for FCL shipments in more as 100 countries world wide because of long-term cooperation with first-class partners and membership in reliabe logistics networks.

groupage shipments

Groupage transport LTL by road, export-import via hubs in Western, Eastern and Northern Europe, via Baltic states, Belorussia and dirct to Russia. Small temperature-sensitive shipments. Special offers for import from Austria.

small shipments

Delivery in mini-trucks, time-critical shipments, temperature-sensitive cargo, with ATA-carnet, tailor-made service for exporters – exhibition shipping to outside of Russia and return.

small shipments

Small shipments per air. Express delivery, courier and hand-carry service. Worl wide air transport and customs clearnce in more as 100 countries world wide on account of membership in reliabe logistics networks

From where different countries and to what kind of regions is groupage service and delivery of small shipments available?

Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium and other countries of Western Europe
Italy, Spain, Portugal and other countries of Southern Europe
Finland, Sweden, Norway and other countries of Nothern Europe
Poland, Czexh Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and other countries of Eastern Europe
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries of South-East Asia
Japan and Republic of Korea, Australia and New Zealand
UAE, Qatar, Iran and other countries of Middle East
USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and other countries of South America
Africa , Caribbean and Pacific Group of States
Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
Turkey and Central Asian countries – Azerbaidzhan, Georgia, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan
within Russian Federation and to countries of Eurasian Customs Union – Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan

10+ reasons why should you make a freight order for delivery of your shipments in LTL/LCL in RUSSIA Logistik?

every time the cost-efficient solutions for customers

sweet spot and bespoke transport solution with regard to customer expectations for delivery of export-import shipments from different countries and to various regions outside of Russia

our service is smarter, faster and cheaper

exim consulting and customs clearance of export-import shipments

order-picking, X-docking, weight checking, labeling and digital marking outside of Russia

international transport and customs docflow (included for exhibition shipping) for temporary import-export and with ATA-carnet

regulatory compliance service for import of goods to Russia or by export of goods from Russia to a country you are interesting in

exhibition shipping of goods, equipment and merchandise of foreign companies ( non-resident of Russia) for participation in international fairs within Russia – customs clearance of import, export, temporary import-export in shipping country and in country of departure

best practice of our experts helps exclude mistakes at the point of project formulation or inspection before its launching

delivery by diverse transport mode with options of variuos transit time

for your choice varied options from low cost transport in groupage container LCL by sea and rail or in groupage truck LTL up to tailor-made solutions in dedicated mini truck or express deivery by air, including courier and hand-carry service

delivery and customs clerance with regulatore compliance service of product samples for test work in Russia or outside

exhibition shipping of goods, equipment and merchandise of russian exporter for participation in international fairs outside of Russia – customs clearance of import, export, temporary import-export in shipping country and in country of departure

export-import sharing service – neutral importer in Russia and neutral exporter or importer in Europe for end 2 end solution in globe trade, outsourcing of international distribution and procurement

Delivery and customs clearance of your export or import shipment from a required point of departure to a final point of arrival too much expensive or transit time is not acceptable?

Do you need digital marking or labeling of goods before in-bound to Russia?

What is the best solution for the cost-efficient delivery of groupage and small shipment to or from Russia without employees in charge of logistics and export-import trade?

We features bespoke freight services by road, rail, air, sea or intermodal and come up with the best supply chain solutions for your distribution or procurement.

To find out how much does it cost to deliver your shipment with ATA-carnet?

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