Import-Export sharing

DDP shipments, international trade and logistics management, supply chain solutins for procurement and distribution, neutral importer

We offer import-export sharing services as a neutral importer in international trade with Russia and the countries of the Customs Union.

Our trade and logistics platform is a set of customized solutions for managing international trade and supply chains of customers, orders and purchases, supply and distribution of clients.

Our experts will be the part of your team. Our experience and competence in logistics and export-import will benefit for your international trade operations.

We will negotiate with a foreign supplier you are intersted in, conclude a foreign trade contract with them, arrange payment in foreign currency, act on your behalf as a consignee and a neutral importer, effect of regulatory compliance, labeling and marking, organize logistics, insurance, customs clearance and delivery of shipments to a required destination.

Proactive team of experts realizes a comprehensive customized service, taking into account the client’s requirements and issues.

This import-export sharing service supports your export-import and buying departments in debottlenecking of activities in international trade and offer the possibility to concentrate on your urgent core business issues without additional employees and increasing of fix costs.

We offer Russian Entities

International export-import trade management in sourcing of foreign spare parts, materials, equipment and other products from suppliers abroad of Russia verificated by customer.
End-to-end international trade solutions for optimization of management and overhead costs, converting human resources fixed costs into variables.
Consultations in export-import trade, customs clearance, transport and warehouse logistics.
Sourcing and search for buyers of materials and products outside of Russia, international trade mangement of non-core export-import operations and supply chain solutions for clients.

We offer foreign branches and foreign representative offices

Deliveries of spare parts and components within the warranty service of Russian customers on DDP terms.
International exhibition and event shipping of samples, marketing materials and equipment.
Sharing in international trading operations and service of a neutral importer in Russia for foreign companies (non-resident) and representative offices without their own infrastructure in Russian Federation
Searching for partners and sourcing of raw materials on the territory of Russia on behalf of foreign buyers
Consulting in “Doing Business in Russia”, business management, management and financial accounting, headhunting, searching for office and warehouse facilities

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