Customs & Compliance

export, import, temporary admission, qualification and accreditation

The customs clearance process is a core service for any export-import. The business outcome, and sometimes the possibility of international trade operations, depends on the competence and qualification of experts involved in the process of preparing and implementing of products inbound to the country of destination or their outbond from the country of origin.

We provide you dedicated account manager, who will involve all in-house expertise of our company to your project. This will be the result of teamwork of customs clearance and foreign trade experts, lawyers and accountants, transport and logistics managers.

Your account manager will provide preparation and verification of your documentation, perform a preliminary cost calculation of customs duties & taxes, check the transaction for possible risks during customs clearance, consult in regulatory compliance for the import and export or temporary admission of products and, if necessary, issue a document.

Our customs clearance service and regulatory compliance service

Organization of export and import customs clearance, temporary admission, including inbound-outbound for repair or re-engineering
Temporary export-import with ATA-Carnet, customs clearance of exhibition’s shipments, service of neutral importer
Obtaining of customs classification decisions, import of prodaction manufacturing equipment and inbound in ownship capital, import and export of personal belongings and fine art, including cultural valuables
Importation of samples for testing and their customs clearance, testing implementation in conformity with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and appropriate compliance regulatory
VNIIS exemption letters for customs service, Conclusions of ExCont, FSTEC and Chamber of Commerce, FSB conclusions or notifications, verification of measuring instruments and devices (calibration test)
Roskomnadzor – obtaining an extract from the register of radioelectronic equipment/high-frequency devices (RES/VThU) on the territory of the Russian Federation, temporary import-export of aforesaid equipment
Minpromtorg – obtaining a permit for temporary import of equipment to Russia
The «General Radio Frequency Centre» Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE «GRFC») in Central Federal District – organization of equipment testing and obtaining expert evidence authorizing the import of radioelectronic equipment (RES) for civil purposes
The «General Radio Frequency Centre» Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE «GRFC»)- carrying out expert examination of radio frequency and RF-channels usability of of radioelectronic equipment (RES) and high-frequency devices (VThU) for civil purposes

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