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thermal packing systems, returnable package, storage and returns empties, assembling and disassembly, cargo handling

Multi-turn empty

The requirements of dedicated containers or thermo packaging arises often during delivery of temperature-sensitive shipments, dangerous or high-value cargo.

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Our facilities

Temperature solutions containers for international delivery by air, active and passive thermal packing systems
Thermal, vandalproof and marine packaging, development and production of tailor-made containers and empties
Multi-turn empty, return and temporary storage of empty and pallets, packaging for fine art transport
Equipment for temperature and humidity monitoring, tracking & tracing control of temperature-sensitive shipments
Handling, assembling and disassembly on delivery and pick up destination, securing cargo in vehicles

For the transport of temperature-sensitive pharma shipments, we take often dedicated containers with active or passive temperature control, certified by the appropriate authorities conforming to the latest requirements and recommendations in the countries of the shipper and consignee, the European Union and in accordance with regulations of Good Distribution Practice. Especially in the area of Russia and the CIS with both, the great number of legal and official regulations as well as most extreme climatic conditions, the prerequisites cannot be compared with those of Central Europe and hence specialized transport solutions are needed to guarantee a safe and smooth transport of pharmaceuticals and ensure high product availability in the supply chain.

thermal packing systems

We try to meet as much as possible all the requirements set by our clients for the quality of services provided by implementation of pharma logistics solutions. Thanks to our long-term specialization in transport to Russia and ex-USSR countries, we follow to the strategy of developing our quality system of services in accordance with the personal requirements and expectations of customers.

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