ATA сarnet “all-in”

Carnet ATA – international transport document made easy the tax-free & duty-free temporary import & export by truck, air and sea, per rail

TATA carnet is useful for…


Exporters of goods and services, visit fairs, business events etc.

Theaters and ballets

Touring theaters and ballets

On-stage performance groups

Theatre and musical group


Producers centers

Television broadcasters and film companies

Motion-picture companies and TV channels


Museums and art galleries with exhibitions

Sports performers

Sports federations and teams

Event & MICE

Events и MICE-agencies

For what purpose do you need carnet ATA?

АТА карнет

You are touring outside of Russia with a theater performance, musical or other events

АТА карнет

You are an exporter and deliver an exhibition stand, samples of products or equipment for use in foreign exhibitions, fairs, conferences or similar business events

You need tools and professional equipment for commissioning or overhauls on the territory of another country

You are managing a presentation or corporate event abroad with the use of multimedia equipment

You need samples of production or display abroad for educational, scientific or cultural purposes

What are the advantages of ATA сarnet?

is a customs document
makes use as custom entry for temporary admission of cargo
speeds up and simplifies the customs clearance
exempts from payment of customs duties & taxes
is applicable as a guarantee for the payment of customs duties & taxes
has a long term use
gives a chance for temporary export-import in several countries during continuance of ATA-carnet
applicable for temporary admission and transit in Istambul Convention countries

Why you should make out your carnet ATA with Russia Logistik team?

always star rates and prices for clients

preparation of documents for obtaining of carnet in Chamber of Commerce within Russia and abroad

customs document flow during exportation of shipment with the ATA сarnet

customs document flow during importation of shipment with ATA сarnet

consultations about applying and filling of ATA Carnet

validity prolongation of carnet ATA

ATA Carnet “in your luggage”

completion and registration of ATA сarnet in accordance with the requirements of customs authorities

supporting in customs authorities during the crossing borders with carnet ATA

international transport of shipments with ATA сarnet

warehousing, movement, packaging of shipments exportation/reimportation and importation/reexportaion with сarnet ATA in Russia and other countries

return of carnets to Chamber of Commerce on the territory of Russia and abroad

ATA Carnet end to end solution

The country of import or transit is not included in the Instambul Convention – we fulfill a temporary admission in accordance with the customs rules of the countries of outbound and inbound with payment of the necessary customs duties and taxes, periodical payments.

To find out how much does it cost to deliver your shipment with ATA Carnet?

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